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what is the best way to target stocked bows on tipups and jigging

Jimmy The Jigger:
On tipups I like using small shiners,or mealworms. Jigging with a sweedish Pimple tipped with a mealworm or waxy also works well.

Ditto what Jimmy said.

I've got a few general tips, too...
1) Check masswildlife for fall stockings and/or pond with holdovers
2) Use light line and long leaders (2 lb to 4 lb).  If there's salmon around you might consider going with 6-8 lb. fluoro and make sure if you have plenty of line.
3) Set your traps over a variety of depths - sometimes they go surprisingly shallow in winter or suspend over deep water
4) Try different baits - some days they show a distinct preference for say pin shiners over mealworms or vice versa.

The rest is just details and personal preference.

My favorite jigging lure for trout is the smallest kastmaster in silver/blue tipped with mousies.  The swedish pimple is copper, gold, or silver is a good choice, too.  I usually work the jig close the bottom and bounce it off the bottom often.  Short hops with lots of pauses and shaking.

Oh yeah, I like a Berkley Power egg in fl. yellow with a light-wire single hook under the tip-up if you don't have live bait.


big big rdg:
I caught some nice ones last year using tiny panfish jigs(dont remember the name of them....something moon or something like that ???) tipped with a waxie. The jigs were very small and i was fishing in about 6fow.

Could be the K&E Tackle Moon Jigs that you're thinking of...i've got a few.  they work well - especially when the fishing gets tough.



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