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hopin to go to woods pond for my first trip this year but not sure how well it ice ups in the early season sense its connected to a  river. so does anyone kno if it ices up early like other berkshire ponds and lakes or does it take some time before its safe?

Jimmy The Jigger:
I love woods pond, Good action, Always the chance for a big pike, Or an occasional musky. It also freezes up earlier than most lakes in the area. I just stay away from the open water of the river channel. The only problem with Woods is it gets really crowded,because it is verry small.

This place has some of the biggest Golden pond shiners I have ever seen, and they can be jigged up in numbers on a good day. ;)

Muskie Matt:
Shhhhhhh.....let's not let the cat out of the bag...too late!  Just kidding.  Yes Woods can be vert productive and also VERY busy.  There was a guy there last year who kept keeping illegal sized fish so I called the environmental fuzz but it was too far out there but I did give them his plate #.  I guess it douesn't matter how many people fish here providing people practice catch and release.  For the life of me I can't see why people would want to keep ANYTHING out of there.  There are signs all over not to eat the fish.  Good luck!

what river is it connected to and what town is it in
 iv been trying to catch a nice pike through the ice

just curious as to wat other species are in the pond. bass, pickerel, perch, i kno theres golden shiners. wat other bait fish are in there? thanx guys


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