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ole green moe:
Hey!!!! Are you still lurking? Hey!!! HEY you, yeah you, are you still lurking?

Hey Moe!!  I lurked myself right down to Hills channel this morning but just wasn't enough ice, this time. The big channel at Chapman had ice right out into the reeds!!  Very encouraging!!!! But yes, I'm still "Lurkkkkkkkkkkkking"!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8) 8) 8) 8)

The shallow ponds around Elkhart were froze over this morning. Booyeah!

ole green moe:
It seems as though we have a missing pet to report. I haven't seen the scroungy dog lurking about the ice shanty forums for a few days now. Is he still lurking, or do we have to put his mug on a milk carton until he is found? Bad dog go home!!!!!


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