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what lake are you going the hit first this year i will probably be on whalom lake in lunemburg i was on it the wenesday after xmas last year with 2-6 inches of ice

   I CANT WAIT BRING ON THE COLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

big big rdg:
I will prob be out on my honey hole bass pond if not that then another local pond called Devil's Dishful. I was out last year when it had around 2-6" too but i dont remember what the date was. Im getting pumped more and more as the temp drops. Cant wait!

A-1 in Westboro usually freezes up first for us. Been out on it in December the past few years!

SPOT BURNER!!!!!!!!! :o

My cove on Singletary
With any luck I do not go thru


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