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Fore River tackle
Quincy MA
708 washington st

They are going to be carrying shiners this winter

fishing finatics  90 main st everett   1 617 381 1997   will have  live bait and ice gear  this ice season PK lures  polar tipups   indian hill traps 40 up  frabill  ice traps  scoops  augers  cleats  chisels   sounders  pike hooks   Northalsnd forage minnows  jiggin rods   small medium large x ;large shiners    pond shiners    PIKE BAIT chubs  rosie reds mealworms  mouises  crawlers  trout worms  dillies  crayfish  grass shrimp  Tip up line.  Local knowledge  and experience  45 years  fishing experience  GUIDED TRIPS on the water instruction.   OPen all year if door is locked call number listed on door  and someone will be right out


                                                         Duxbury Bait and Tackle

I will be starting to deal chubs in bulk in Mid November.   $2.00/Dz for 20 or more dozen.   Fresh caught so they tank well.  Mostly big stuff but I can accomodate orders for mediums.   I can meet in the Bridgewater area as well.

159 Main St
Ashland, MA

9-530 M-F
830-530 Saturday
Closed Sunday

They carry all size shiners from small to pike size
Also carry suckers during the winter

 Tom's Bait and Ice Fishing
 496 Groton Rd
 Westford Ma.
 For all of your Fishing needs,3 sizes on bait, tackle,jiging poles,traps, augers,ect
 M-F 6-4
 Sat 6-12
 Sun 6-12
 Can call ahead at 978-692 3424 



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