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Petit Lac Magog report


Went out on Petit lac Magog today in the eastern townships for the first time. Drove out with the SUV and no problems. Girlfriend and I caught 30-40 perch but only kept 12, the other were very small, Caught a 31" pike that weighed 6 lbs, it was trying to the the transducer from my vexilar right under the ice. I dropped my line down and nailed the bait.Anybody else out there fish Petit Lac Magog, just wondering what the average size of perch is for that lake.


hi sturgeon,good day of fishing hey ;
is there walleye in that lake?
I'm thinking of getting a vex for next year.
no ice fishing for me this week-end.
next week-end ;D ;D ;D

Hey Icebigboy

I don't think there are any walleye in that lake, I am new to this area but from what I hear there a big pike and perch. I was seeing tons of perch on the vex, its a pretty fun toy, helps you know if the fish are that is for sure. I remember you saying that you were thinking of buying one next year and that they were expensive at Le barons. I check there too before buying mine and they were over 100$ more expensive than other places.


Hi Sturgeon

Just curious, what size were the perch that you kept ?

Very small most of them, Out of 30-40 we kept about 12 and some were only because the died from bringing them up to fast we were fishing in 40 feet of water. The average was 5-7 inches but we caught a couple around 10-11 inches. The action was good though better than lac aylmer.



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