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Hello everyone,

I'm new on this forum, have been reading some of the posts and it looks like a great site !  I hope to exchange lots of good information with anyone interested.

I'm from the Eastern Townships, like to fish Memphremagog, Champlian and Brome Lake.

Very interested in hearing reports from the Saguenay area, the fjord in particular, I am interested in making a trip up there in February.

Merci !

Welcome to iceshanty. Lots of great people and info here.
Nice to see more Canadians on.
Good luck.

welcome TGF said....nice to see more canadians here....Grump ;D

Trophy Hunter:
Welcome MB!!

welcome MB,its nice to have new member from Quebec :D
i will go to the saguenay in February.i don't know the exact date but i will know it soon.i will past 3 or 4 days on the ice.can't wait to go there.
did you ever go over there???
here a pic of last years on the fiord

got some more somewhere on this site.


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