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big walleye:
Hey first time out those things happen. I am glad to see that you love walleye as much as I do. Better luck on your next trip. Salut mes amies.

HI all i am going soon i just talk to some guys,,,, and they did catch a lot off panfish
on the ottawa river on ontario side there some bays there that are frozen about 5 inch off ice,,,,,,,,,so its a GO i can t wait to go,,,,,,to bad cn t go tomorow and have to work this week,,,,,,,,,mabe i will get sick 1 day ;)

take care guys,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,which you well,,,,,,,,,

big walleye:
Hey Joco good luck to you bud. I will not be getting out unitl the 24th now. can't wait. 8) 8)


ITS gething colder and colder,,,,,,,,,,now the probleme its TO cold -27 plus wind -35
jeeeeee that is sher is cold ,,,,,,,,,,,,,they will no probleme for the ice next weekend
,,,,,,,,i will be there,,,,,,,,mabe some chrismas fishing,,,,mabe santa gone to give me a big walley on my line ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

take care boyssssssssss

joco ;)

hi ;D
I've been on the ice yesterday for a couple of hours.take the kids was very cold.caught nothing.if it continuous this way you will be thinking that I'm a little fisherman :P
I m gonna have my cam this week so I'll be able to show my neck of the hood  :D
so keep watching!!!


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