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first outing

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Donc sa mort pas gros dans ton bout de pay........... :(

ET bien le pere noel est gentil avec toi,,,,,,,,,,une camera digital,,,? :o

Bonne peche il fait tu assez FRETE a ton gout a matin,,,,lundi,,,,,,,,,,,,,

la glace vas pognÉ assez solide merci..........

bonne journne et a bientot,,,,,,,,,,,,,

take care body ;D

hi joco,
          its not bitting a lot as you say.we gonna set about it this week.i finish to work Wednesday.i am my own Santa Claus ;D
tonight its gonna be colder then yesterday -34 Celsius.thick ice :D
have a n'ice day.
be good.
(must translate post because grumpymoe's watching ;D ;D ;D)

Heh I'm watching your province here too and am glad were finally hearing something out of you lads and that your getting out . ;D
  Don't curse me too hard because I'm not good at french but there is a language translator site on the web . LOL ;D
    Have a Happy New Year Quebec .



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