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first outing and not a success. :P me and my brother first ice fishing today.looking for walleye.12 inches of brother had two bit but as you know the first time its harder to catch! for myself nothing at all but i was really wonderfull to be there on the ice with a very good friend. :D
keep looking picture will come ;D

HI icebigoy

comment sa vas,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,  here there is not many ice,,not col anaught and we had to mutch snow about
1feet in a week,,,,,,,,,,,i hope to go soon on the ice,,,,,,,,,,

last year i went on the 19 dec,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i did went fishing on the 12 dec along time ago,but it seems to be
more hot everyear,,,,,,,,,

take care,,,,,,,,,,,,,i wish you some big walley and some big trout,,,,,send more picture,,,,,,,,,


salut joco,ša roule?
sorry for you about the cold :'(here its very cold since 2weeks and its gonna be cold for a wild :)-19Celsius(-31 with the wind fact)tonight.
i will buy a digital cam soon to post pics and be more interesting.
i wish you ice and then a lot of fish ;D


ho yes the cold is comming to town this week,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i can see some ice fishing soon,,,,,,,,
some walley in my dream,,,,,,,,,,,,,

good luck

take care body.........


Trophy Hunter:
Hey I'm glad that you got out IBB!!Too bad no fish next time for sure!!Hey Joco you get any ice yet? Good luck guys!!


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