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Trophy Hunter:

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--- Quote from: Trophy Hunter on Nov 30, 2004, 07:47 PM ---Icebigboy i find that the best time to fish walleyes is the hour as the sun is coming up and the last hour closer to the last 30 minutes of daylight.The walleyes see very good in the dark and they take advantage of the baitfish when the light conditions are changing. So i target them during those times and i find that the perch and pike are most active during the daylight so i go after them.I usually look for shallow flats in 10-12 feet of water and drill 3 holes fish them for 10-15 minutes if nothings biting move and drill more holes don't get frustrated somedays it takes a bit of moving to find them but once you do it will be fish after fish as fast as you get your bait back down!!! lots of fun!!

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tanks th for the tips.i will follow the way of a good perch fishing ;)do you fish walleyes on the late hour or you're back home when daylight is gone?how latest do you fish walleye?
here we fish ellpout very late.1h or 2h or 3h am but it's not the same area then walleyes. a little cheminau(brandy) coffee help to keep warm during that time. :P

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Sounds like good coffee!!!! I usually fish walleyes until the sun just goes down sometimes a little later Me i've had little luck after dark for walleyes but hear some people do. I don't have a shack so by then i'm usually cold.I do plan on nightfishing for burbot with Grumpymoe in his warm shack this winter though!! Take care bud!


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