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hi,I'm a new user and i like ice the small lake are frozen.we have 12 inches of snow.we gonna fish on the mid December.we catch walleye,pike,trout,lake trout.this year 
we gonna try catch some camo fish.there's not plenty of that only small one.(6 inches)
if you have any question about fishing Quebec just ask and i try to answer. :)


WHERE do you come frome ,,,,,,,,and where is the 12 inch snow,,,,,and where are
those lake frozen????????

thanks a lot buddy

where in the province off quebec are you?

take care

Anyone looking for some camofish, these are alittle bigger than 6" though.

or something like this

And I'm sorry to say to catch some camofish, it will be a drive. But, if anyone would like to come over my way I would be glad to take anyone out, the hotel rates are cheaper in the winter around here, just don't have room to put anyone up.  :D
iceBB- I like your walleyes much better, can't wait to see some this year.

hi joco,
            I'm from chibougamau,its about 750 km north of Montreal.i can say that we're on another land out here.we lost some snow because of the warm weather this week.(5 degrees Celsius).in January we have 36 inches thick of ice and the temp is minus 30 often.
(no kidding).

hi camo fish,
                  you have beautiful picture.were do you from?.maybe  i go your way and catch that kind of camofish! ;)


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