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HI everyone

I live in quebec i do a lot off fishing

usely i go on the ottawa river for some walley and pike and in northern lac for some whitfish and all and this year i will go back for some (((SHARK)) YES shark

we fish for sharks in quebec on ice,,,,,,,its in the fjord off saguenay,,,their was a good article on this,,,in the ice fishing magazine 2001/2002 page 86.7.8
their is caught every year and a lot off cod and some alibut and some other
saltwather species and it can go to 1000 feet deep in there,,,,,used big home made spool that can andle a lot off line and a big lead waight,,,,,,,if anyone have some question about this ,,,,i have some adresse and some phone number if anyone
is ready for some chark,,,,,,,ho those want to put a shark on their ice fishing resume................ ...................... .......

thanks guys
have a good season,,,,


Welcome to IceShanty, Joco.  Glad to have somebody report from Quebec. Good luck this ice season, and if you get a shark please post a picture.

Right on Joco and glad Quebec has finally got a participant for a change .


I would love to see a shark on the ice  ;D that would be cool, good luck this ice season and can't wait to see some pictures from ya.  :thumbsup:

a very warm welcome joco....or should i say cold... ;D ;D.....cant wait till i see you post a pic of a shark on ice....kewl!!!!....Grump


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