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I will be moving to quebec this year I will surely let you know how the ice fishing is.


Trophy Hunter:
Well sturgeon that would be awesome we would love to know how the fishing is and mabey you could get some others to post as well it would be nice to hear something from quebec as there has got to be some awesome fishing!!!!!

I currently only fish there in the summer when I visit the parents in law. I have tried ice fishing once on the lake by there house but have not caught much.

I have noticed that people in quebec do not do as much is fishing as other places and they are still very old fashioned. The sit in their huts and wait. One thing that makes it difficult to ice fish there is that no live minnows are allowed anywhere in quebec.


HI you guys again

yes i am frome quebec and do a lot off ice fishing,,,,,,,a lot on the ottawa river,,,,

will bring back  some picture frome the fish we will catch,,,,perch walley pike and mabe
some alibut smelt trout and  some,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,sharks,,,,,,,yse chark

take care guys.....

joco :o


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