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The Rocket:

I am from Colorado and have always wonderd what speces of fish can be cought throught the ice in Quebec ???


hey there

 I will be Montreal at the end of April.  Any good fishing around there with in a 2 hr drive. Any in info would be great.


 Good luck trying to get info on this Quebec forum Birdman . :-\ I'm not even sure the province even exists for the amount of activity they've shown this winter . ;D .
  I know it has excellent fishing but they all seem to have lost there tongues here . I bet if this forum was removed though , you would here them squeel like always . lol .


big walleye:
[ ;D ;D ;D Trapperdirk you are so right. I even attempted at sending a post in french. I guess it was not the proper french and bloody hell I am french. very sad but it does not surprise me. :o :o :o


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