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Who's got ice?   We are just starting into a cold snap here in north Idaho.  17 this morning and not supposed to get above freezing for a week or so.  Maybe by the weekend we can find some safe ice....

Hello from McCall Cascade area. We had -4 to -14 this morning. Suppose to stay cold for a while. I hope! I'm ready to get on the ice. I hope that this freezes the res over. Then it will start to build some good ice. Good luck for the weekend.

Todays paper showed a picture of Upper Twin with 1" on it. A kid on a dock was dropping a brick on the ice.

It looks like the South end of Cascade res. has about an inch of good clear ice on it. Can't tell for sure because it's dark when I drive by, but it looks to be froze over completely. It should start building ice quick. I'll keep you informed.

I checked a few lakes in north Idaho yesterday.  Nothing ready but if it stays cold, they could be in a few days.....   Round Lake has 2".  Cocolalla is frozen over with a few wet spots out in the middle.  Im guessing maybe next week we could have safe ice on some of the lakes.


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