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What is everyones take on reel weeds?

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They sure look like the way to go. Has any had any experience with these? I just wonder if this is a product to hook more fish, or maybe to hook more ice fishermen.

I cant help you out right now, but I took the plunge this morning and orderd some so, by the end of this year I should be able to answer your question....Im interested in the quality of the product, ease of use, and of course...did it put fish on the ice...time will tell...damn Thorne Bros site always costs me money

OK, Ill bite.   What are Reel weeds?

   They are an artificial weed that is attached to a line. You drop it to the bottom and create instant structure. You can check them out at It has a weight at the bottom and a float on top. sounds like a great idea, specially if you are fishing a lake that doesn't have much for structure.

Interesting...  Always nice to learn something new....  Thanks.


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