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Is it over?


Looks like its about over for this year......  Slush and water on the ice and lousy forcasts for the near future.   Time to get the boat ready......

I was out on Sprotsmans yesterday and there is still 12 inces of ice there.  But it is getting soft. Also we didnt cantch anything and no flags. THere was about 20 people out and we only saw 3 little northerns caught. definitly not a good day. but we left at 11, you never know some one may have caught a big one. rummor has it one of the locals caught a 20 lb'r durring the week.   I left and went and picked my boat up from the dealer. So I am getting the itch to make a run over to the Spokane arm before it closes and try for some Eyes.  But the ice should hold on hayden for at least another week unless it really warms up.


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