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Has anyone had any luck with Perch lately?
We caught about 15 7-9" perch on Ririe Reservoir a couple of weeks ago but have not been out since and haven't heard much lately. Ice was about 4" thick.
I have a 3 day weekend coming up and wouldn't mind a bit of a drive if I thought I could get into some good perch action.

Been catching quite a few perch, but nothing big.    Most in the 7 to 8" range, with a 9 incher once in a while.  Upper Twin and Cocolalla is where I have been.  About 6" of ice on each.   Cold snap starting today and looks to be hanging around for a while.  Should help with all the lakes...

ever fish pend oreille for perch?? i fished it in the summer by the marina at hope.. in the bay. caught lots of perch there.. some nice ones.. never tried in the winter.across from holiday shores marina.. wondering if anyone ever caught crappie or blugill on this lake..

The Hope marina area has been open water up till now.  -15 this morning so that may change pretty soon.   I caught a few perch up to 13"  this summer in P.O. Lake near Denton Slough, but only  a few. 

cool. i am from canada.. alberta. we have like 2 feet of ice everywhere.. its about -30 degrees celsius here.  I come down to idaho in the summer. love that lake. pend oreille.. we dont have a lot of those species up here.. so i try for the kamloops.. bluegill. crappie.. bass.. still figurin the lake out though.. where to fish for them and such.. caught some kokanee.. (released them) and bass by the monarchs. and then caught a lot of perch by the holiday shores.. straight across from it.. nice ones.. id say 8- 12 inch. on average.. well hope u get more ice.. how is that round lake for perch. bass. crappie? might try that this summer two. coming for amonth.. love it there..


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