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I知 here and ready for ice!

I will say, that I will never complain about the fall season in Wyoming ever again! It was gorgeous, and not even many days with that dreaded W!

Regardless, cold and snow is coming this weekend. I知 hoping it ices up a couple small, high elevation lakes around here.

For those that need an ice fishing fix to watch, I made an entire ice fishing series last year, doing my best to travel around Wyoming. I値l include an episode I did with a few shanty members! Appleye, Special, and Houligan invited me over to their crappie honey hole and showed me a great time!!

I present as well. We could extend the winter weather a couple months that would be fine! Are you going to do a remake at Keyhole? Lots of crappies in the system right now. Found lots of new rockpiles this fall. KH state park made a couple new cabins that should rock for Ice fishing might check that out instead of sleeping on the ice.

Yea I plan on being back! Basically going to pick a good weather weekend and head that way. The best weekend is New Years, like last year, but my wife is telling me we値l be coming home from a tropical island that weekend. Damn the bad luck! So I値l have to figure out another one.

Morning Trent I am here and ready to hit the ice we are try to figure it out when we are going to hit fontenelle for our first ice

I値l let you know when I hear anything. Looks like thee upper elevation lakes might be snowed in after this weekend.


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