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been cutting ice with chainsaws for years, not ideal but it will work and it's not hard to stay dry doing it.  no bar oil is necessary.

Yes, ten inches in any one direction is the limit. Id rather not bother another fisherman for an auger but I would like knowing most folks would like to help out.

It is indeed the skunk monkey! I have yet to try ice fishing but my last three or four outings since October I have been skunked. Id like to blame the overfished waters in Allegheny county but Im man enough to accept most of the blame!  ;D

I would be surprised if you didn't get offered some holes to be drilled after fellow ice anglers saw you trying to use the chainsaw.  I have given fellow fishermen my auger and told them to bring it back when they were done.  Of course, I had my holes drilled already.

Salty Ice Queen:
Yes,..I agree..helping is in book...also,..sometimes you will see other drilled holes from others not in use...could be a help for you...

Thanks, ran7ger and all other replies. Ill probably go Monday or Tuesday and hopefully be able to use some predrilled holes from the weekend with a spud bar and the chainsaw being a last resort.


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