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8" Auger and 20V Brushless Drill

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Fairly new to ice fishing and Ice Shanty and hope this is where questions can be asked. I have a Baurer 20 Volt Brushless Drill that I bought an adapter for to use on an old 8" hand auger my Dad had. It drills ok but would a 6' auger be quicker and work easier? The battery is a 1 1/2 Amp/hr. Would the 3 Amp battery give it more power or should I just get a different drill?

hardwater diehard:
How many inch pounds of torque does your drill have ?

Thank You for replying, Hardwater. The drill has 2 speeds and has 450 in. lbs. of torque. I would like to get an electric auger but can't justify the cost this year.

Larger battery will drill more holes but won’t make it drill quicker.
  Not sure but if has different speeds and modes (hammer, drill, screw) you can adjust that and will help a bit. Want drill mode and slow to moderate speed.
 6” drill will be significantly quicker than 8” depend on brand and blade conditions.
  6” will work for anything but the pike and musky. Pulled a 8lb walleye through a 5” hole, just a bit more difficult than 8”.

hardwater diehard:
Catchnmore1 couple things rule of thumb ..100 in/lbs per inch in diameter of the auger bit 6 in drill at least a 600 in/lbs drill ..taht should be paired with a 4ah or more battery .. drill should be brushless and have a side handle ..speed of 1 and in drill mode

Battle tested drills

Dewalt DCD991

Dewalt DCD996

Dewalt DCD997

Dewalt DCD998 must use 6ah or better Flexvolt battery to achieve the higher advertised torque

Dewalt DCD999 must use 6ah or better Flexvolt battery to achieve the higher advertised torque
Milwaukee 2804-20

Milwaukee 2803-20

Spec for the proper drill

18V or Higher Brushless Drill

5 Amp Hour or Higher Battery

1/2” Chuck Type

Side Stabilizer /  Handle

Minimum Torque Rating of 84 Nm / 750 in. lbs/800 UWO



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