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Several people that used to post on here, are MIA, the last couple of yrs.

a lot has to do with spot snipers.  they hit several years ago and that was the start of decline. imo  i even heard concerns of PMs not being secure.  people are spooked about putting info and pics up these days.  for good reason too.  too much info leads to aa lake getting overrun.  i heard it happened to kuhn lake this season.  i believe that was a f____book post that did that one.  so lots of people stopped posting and sending PMs out of those fears.  i used tro share abunch years ago. that stopped after i seen a lake destroyed this way.

people also change names to avoid being tracked.  so they mite still be hear under other names.

Im still around from time to time. For whatever reason i just havent posted as much.  i have a lot of irons in the fire with my job, and kids that are of the age they need ran around a bunch.

Old school mesage boards as a whole are on the decline, too. Reddit and social media groups have cut away a lot of the user base over the past decade.

It's not just the Indiana forum.  If you check out the Forum History at the bottom of the Iceshanty stats page, you'll see some telling trends.  The number of new Ice Shanty members is decreasing, and there are fewer new posts (although total membership is still going up).  However, site traffic (based on the max number of users online at ay one time) is still reasonably high... which means that there are a lot more lurkers than contributors than there used to be.  People were much freer with info years ago, but that wasn't necessarily a good thing for our fisheries for all of the reasons that river_scum mentioned.

Year     New Posts / Most Online
 2021   40
 2020   80
 2019   105
 2018   102
 2017   103
 2016   131
 2015   144
 2014   198
 2013   229
 2012   264
 2011   292
 2010   345
 2009   386
 2008   373
 2007   374
 2006   460
 2005   446
 2004   370
 2003   156


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