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Author Topic: Newb here. What is better for crappie. Tip down or automatic fisherman rig?  (Read 633 times)

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I am about to embark on my first ice fishing journey and I will be primarily targeting crappie on a local lake(keesus).  I think I will be hand jigging one rod but I want to set up two more on some kind of rig.  I have seen tip downs and auto fisherman(automatic hook setting device) and I was wondering which is preferred for live baiting crappie?

Offline Duke M

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Tip downs.

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 bruceruth1988 you should add your location to your profile.

Hands down tip downs will out produce tip ups and any hook setting device ...
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 ??? Don't worry about device until you locate crappie depth.  They can suspend from bottom to just under the ice.  Jigging with flasher will some idea of where they are feeding.  I have a friend who swears by his tipups with tiny shiners but I have little luck. 

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Tip downs.  They bite lite, and sometimes the auto will rip their paper lips.  Plus, running for a tip down while it slowly points toward the hole is worth it.  Small treble (red) with rosy reds are my fav.

Good luck.


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