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Has anyone been out on any of the NE IN lakes in the last couple of days (James, Clear, Crooked)? Haven't seen anybody on webcams and the ice is looking dark, but given how thick it was less than a couple weeks ago makes me think it might be good for one more weekend...

Michigan Slim:
I was fishing off the dock on Dallas. Channel is wide open.

you should be able to cash in on the channelcat fillets there about now.  they will be in those shallow channels at ice out on sunny days.  they will drop the bait if they feel any resistance, after picking it up thopugh.  they eat very well this time of year.

Michigan Slim:
The whole chain is full of them. The barncoat brigade didn't leave many gills but I got some.

ah yes da-beards.  laying waste to fisheries all across northern IN.  what a problem they have become eh.  they used to be soft spoken and respect full long ago.  now they are underhanded dishonest and greedy.


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