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Had a very good year. Hope everyone had fun and are safe. See ya next year!

Smart man! ;D

Michigan Slim:
Left Syracuse on Friday afternoon and the ice was leaving with me. Nobody out. I started seeing some busy lakes just into Michigan. A lot of people trying to get one more trip. On my way home I crossed the Muskegon River on Hardy Dam pond and the place was packed. The perch bite was on! It was 55 degrees up there.
Had a good season this year. Tried some new spots and got on some nice gills.

I just got back from California, went out to see my first grandchild, hes going to be a great outdoorsman if I got anything to do with it! Hes just four months old and growing like a weed. Ice is gone around me, so Ill see you fellow iceheads next year hopefully! Hex

I was surprised to see Wawasee ice covered about 20 minutes ago (3/7) about 11.00 A.M. -- at least as far as I could see from the boat ramp. No idea how solid or thick it is, but it looks dark and I sure wouldn't chance it.

Didn't see anyone out. Now it's snowing again.  Papakeechie next door looked wide open, but that's irrelevant as it's an uber private lake for residents only.


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