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Anyone been to Kuhn since the big rain/ thaw?

Curious if channels are safe or not, have a place to park.

take spud and go fish man.

anything left in there after the burn a year or 2 ago? lol

I live on Kuhn. The ice is good but the water is way up. Fishing has been terrible as it got beat to death last year! I fish it during the week when I have the itch but go to other more productive waters on the weekends.

thats a shame what happened there.  i feel for ya wallydiven.  seen it happen around here too.  i hear fakebook is a huge problem now too.  its not just sites like this hurting fisheries now.

With 90% of fisherman with some sort of flasher or fish locator and hole hoping and taking 25 to 30 each outing some of your smaller lakes definitely loose there fare share of quality fish.They canít come back right away.I could see a benifit for some kind of limit but just my opinion.


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