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Homemade Portable Shanty Build

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So my current hut shanty is on its last leg.  Hut shantys are great, they stay warm, give you al lthe room you want.. but they are terrible to put up and down.. they are terrible to lug out to your fishing spot etc etc.  Anyway, the new 3 man flip overs are nice looking but given thier $1,000 price levels and limited room for 3 i have decided to build my own....

Im going to base my design off the Senco Super Shak from the 1990s and the Ontario Ice Shanty plans many have built.  The plan is to build a 5x8 collapsable hut.  I can weld aluminum so i will be using aluminum instead of ply wood.

Anyway.. i will be posting updates to this thread as i go.. plan to start it this afternoon... hope you all enjoy :)

Can't wait to see what you come up with. Good luck

I purchased 1 inch aluminum tube 1/8 wall  at the steel distributor.  $40 for 21 foot piece

To bend the aluminum tube I had to
Build a jig.  I purchased some 5/4 glued pine at menards. Itís a true 1 inch vs 3/4 inch plywood

I didnít make a perfect circle shape instead I did an ellipse shape.  So I had to learn how to cut out eclipses.  Lol

I mounted my homemade jig to the car trailer and bent aluminum with ease.  My intention was to have the shanty be 58 wide outside to outside.  I messed up on the jig so my shak will be a full 60inches outside to oitside

Having never worked with curves or arches.  I had a heck of time squaring things up.    Finally figured out to put the piece back in the jig and use clamps to keep the distance equal all the way down the side.   

So after day 1 I have the first side tacked up.  The second side should go
Much faster now that I kind of know how to do it


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