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Perch experts only 😁


So, I've got enough gills in the freezer to last me quite awhile ( good problem to have I guess) and want to work on getting me some perch. Do you...

...prefer Emerald or Fathead minnows?

...hook them through mouth (both jaws or upper only), under the dorsal or the tail area?

My setup is a #16 treble under a slip bobber. Found a lake where they on fire right now...could change with all the sunshine here for the next 3 days or so  :-\. Still in the deeper water right now, but they're probably putting on the feed bag as spawning will be in full swing once the ice goes out.

Guess it depends on what lake , I fish one of the bays off lake Ontario ( chaumonnt) the perch feast on gobies so fat heads highly resemble them and they don't want emeralds.  But it's just the opposite for walleye there

Its fishing and quite often who knows how a fish thinks!

But in general I like big emeralds but have found that when you get into tannic or darker stained water fatheads can produce better so bait preference is water specific. 

I truly hate a treble hook for ice fishing esp panfish.  Harder to get out of the fish, more chance of hurting and eventually killing the dinks you are letting go, just a pain in the A as far as i am concerned.  Give me a single short shanked hook just in front of the dorsal fin.

I use the smallest blues out of the bunch


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