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Instead of a sled
« on: Nov 12, 2003, 05:52 PM »
I looked at the Icefishing checklist and thought HA! I take all that and more....I see guys talking about sleds that they use for pulling ice fishing stuff,..I have never used one and wondering if they are better than what I use. I get a tag sale toboggen but its not big enough to put my stuff on it without things hanging over and draging  on the snow, and weighing down the toboggen deeper into the snow if its soft. SO,..I add an extention,...I take a piece of plywood and urathane it. add some cleates to tie on some rope like the rest of the tobaggen (so you can put bungies across it to tie things on/down. ) To attach it I use a piece of tire rubber and a small piece of wood to entrap it and screw it down on each side,..this makes a flexible conection that allows this long train to go over bumps and mogels (esp near on shores....getting on/off the ice ect.) but the big thing is you can fold it over onto itself which makes it as long as ther original toboggen, ..for the days when you take less stuff (not likely in my case) or to put in into your vehicle. Get a LOOOONG  rope loop and put it around my waist which allows a better angle to pull things and I can carry a LOT of stuff. favorite to put on plastic crates like they do milk in. (I use the lighter ones availible at Walmart etc. ) On some of the spaces but not everythin fits into these. It seems so easy to pull that I'm hoping to be able to add my shappel shelter as a caboose,..on smooth ice I use Yak-Traxs on my boots. Works for me,..not sure a sled would work better  (or as good)  BTW I get a lot of smiles when i go by,.....not sure how to interpret it though...


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