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Leader for chain pickerel?

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Anybody have any suggestions for leader line under a tip-up in a lake that has a ton of pickerel? I don't mind catching the slime darts but I do mind when they break me off so I'm trying to prevent that. There's no pike or other toothy fish in the lake, just pickerel.

hardwater diehard:
I used heavy braid when I targeted them ..not sure they are steel leader shy ..but thats alot of hardware for Pickeral hooks and LARGE lively bait . may have to tie back on if you get into them .

Uppervalley Kid:
I catch alot of pickerel on 8-10 lb mono leaders, usually not on purpose. Just check for abrasion, you may need to change out the leader as the day goes on if needed. 

 Hello, welcome to ice . I have used similar to Uppervalley Kid and either tie asnelled hook to the leader or just attach the hook directly to the mono leader  get into the habit of checking the set up often for signs of abrasion. Many years ago I found a pack of of Mustad style hooks in size 4 snelled with thin 8 inch wire leaders which I have used fishing for chain Pickeral. Like Hardwater Diehard posted I have not found Chain pickerel to by line or leader shy when I first started ice fishing  tied snelled hooks directly to the braided nylon or dacron tip-up line and still caught pickerel. mostly i use medium size shiners for baiting the tip-ups.

   The hooks snelled with wire leaders were from J.T. Scotchman stock no.24CW  will do a search to see what information I can find on this company not sure if they still exist. Best to you this ice fishing season. Happy Holidays !

 I did a Google search appears J.T. Scotchman is no longer in business did find links to their products being sold on Ebay. My search also turned up a Jeros Tackle in your home state of NJ. Too-handsome-Tom. This appears to be a fishing tackle store in Rahway below is the address and phone number possibly they are/were J.T. Scotchman at some point in time.

  Jeros tackle (732)-340-1240
  901 Hopkins ST.

I live by the city of Newburgh in New York's Mid-Hudson river valley I purchased the hooks at a bait and tackle shop in New Paltz,NY. that no longer exists  many years back. Over the years my work schedule and some other things have limited me to around six ice fishing outing per-season and some years i never got out. hope this helps yo and others.


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