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I would like to buy new tip-ups. I can't decide with model to choose.
The 2 models is very interesting for me:  MAINE WOOD TRAP- TIP-UP( vs EXPLORER WOOD STICK TIP-UP W/ 500' SPOOL (

EXPLORER has metal spool but MAINE WOOD TRAP has plastic.
In the other hand MAINE WOOD TRAP has trip mechanism eliminates wind trips.
I didn't find model that have both feathers.
Any recommendations?

Love my HT's...but I prefer these. Larger spools. Hard to find sometimes.

If I understand correctly ,this is EXPLORER tip up. I have seen few time that this tip up is not holding the flag  when strong wind.

Who has experience with  MAINE WOOD TRAP- TIP-UP. I am worry about plastic spool.

I've used the HT Maine traps. Not my favorite tip ups. The concept of the windless flag is a nice idea, however the Maine trap is very hard to trip if you have a light biting fish. I use my Heritage Lakers with the windless trip mechanism and I would recommend those over the Maine traps. HT does have some nice stuff though. I've owned a set of polar style tip ups for years and they have never let me down. The HT explorer tip up I have used also and would even recommend that instead of the Maine trap... Just my opinion though. Hope this helped.

ht all the way.

have only broken 1 plastic spool in 40yrs.  that was my fault from pulling it up through the iced over hole. it shouldnt be an issue.


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