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Oldest Tip Ups in your Arsenal

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What's the oldest TIP UP you have in your ice fishing arsenal?

I have some old wood Tip Ups from the 60's.. Still functional & serviceable & that I still use... that's nearly 60 years old!

  Beaver dams. Little over 40 years old. Still going and smooth turning.

Most of mine are polars less than 5 years old, however I bought a couple original polars from a flea market for $2.50 each, man those things are SWEET! I dont know how old they are but they look old, you can tell its the old style heavy-duty plastic and not the new crap.

I also grabbed a couple old wooden tipups from someone on the pay it forward thread for a buddy of mine, we still set them up when he brings them and they work just fine. They are antiques.

hot tuna:
I still have and use tip ups that are older than me , I'm 53.
I have about 50 vintage traps , some hand made.  I'm liking the fact that most are simple and dependable .
Just did an experiment on 5 that I haven't used in about 30 years. Soaked them in leftover peanut oil then letting them sit by woodstove to dry.
Could be good,  could be bad. We'll see.
My goal is to pass gear down through generations as it was built to last

I have some tipups from back when I was in high school - 49 years ago along with a spoon hand auger


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