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I was looking at the polar tipup in the picture and started daydreaming about flags up. Two things I have done to my polar tipups to modify. No1 if Im fishing with large baitfish, for pike or muskie I add a very small O ring on the heavy trip side of the tipup this also solved my problem under windy conditions with false flags in at least 18 plus years of useing polars the hard trip(with the O ring ) doesent seem to affect the fish  muskie, pike or bass ( does not seem to spook or cause them to drop the bait ) I fish water depths mostly 5' to 10' and noticed that when a flag set off the bigger fish would be suspending just under the ice. And upon My approach they would drop the bait .So the second most important thing I did to modify the polar tipup was to put a piece of red duct tape 3/4 wide x 1" high on the oppsite side of the trip that I normaly use (polars have two trips lite and heavy )this tape stands vertical does not interfere with the flag trip and you can see it spinning from a good distance and it allows me to stay back from the tip up far enough not to spook the fish and at the same time know if its running with the bait by watching the spinning red tape.I have used prism tape at nite with lanterns and you can see them flickering when the fish is on the run.

Tried the Old Tip Up board (archives) and the link would not open . . .

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I have the same expierience as reelcharacter
Whats up

Sorry the old tipup tip archive was off-site and I no longer have the server. I will move the files soon and fix the links asap.



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