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What's a "decent" tip up?

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So in the midst of a million "best tip up threads" here's an easier one.  I stumbled upon some river walleye.  They are shallow and spooky so electronics are worthless and jigging is a bear with the current.  So, as somebody who hasn't touched a tip up in 5 years, I'm now forced to get some.  So I need something that is fairly economical, reliable, and easy to use.  I need to get my hands on at least six for this season but after that their use is more limited, so I'm not looking for the top of the line tip ups.  Instead, what can I get that's right in the middle of the road that will serve an occasional user well?

Honestly, I got jack traps and some other store brands. Your better off saving your money and getting polar tipups with good heavy braided line. And get the Polars with the 500 yards spools so they can double as pike tip ups and keep it simple. Put your money into good leaders and hooks!!

I agree with Eagle..... I have 5 jack traps and I wish I had saved some money and bought cheaper ones. Get the polar tip ups.

Im not a big fan of polars if u have deep snow they get hard to see by sleders i prefer ht jard water explorers

ive got beaver dams, big bobs, trout jrs, polars, heritage, indian hill noreaster, and 40 ups, and a few more. for the money and longevity its really hard to beat a 40 up


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