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Jammin jigs

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--- Quote from: bmxrider11976 on Aug 27, 2012, 07:44 AM ---great product! do a search for thme on this site and you will find loads of praise. only problem i ever have with them is the eyes always have paint on them!

--- End quote ---
You will find that the problem of paint in the eye of the hook to be fairly common regardless of the price :o Just get an "eye buster" or something similar to remove it!! When I buy jigs, I sit down and clean the eyes on all of them so no painted ones end up out on the ice with me!  :%$#!:   Just my $.02 worth!! ;)

agreed! jammin jigs paint is much tougher than others though, which is a good thing!

Good to hear I will be sending an order this week ..the willow spoons look killer i may have to get a handful of them as well...

You will not be disappointed, ordered last year and was very pleased with the jigs.  I will try some different styles this year. 


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