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Fished Round lake yesterday and caught 5 trout and 12 nice perch.  Pretty slow but steady.  One trout was 17".   Stopped by and talked to a guy fishing on Cocolalla and there was 5 to 6 inches of ice but fishing was slow.

Anyone know if there's safe ice in any of the bays of Priest Lake? I was thinking about slaughtering some lakers next weekend, but I haven't been able to get ahold of anyone from up there.

There is 8 to 10" of ice on Cocolalla and Round lake now.   Fished Cocolalla yesterday and caught a 14" Brown a smaller Brooky and a bunch of Perch.  I culled the perch to 8" and bigger and took 35  home with me.  Fished Round lake the day befor and caught a  limit of Rainbows, but it was slow fishing.

Hey If your fishing Cocalla and and you hook a fish with an ugly stick ice rod attached to it , I would like to have it back.  it got sucked down the hole last weekend.   :o

Ill keep an eye out for your rod.   Me and a buddy fished Cocolalla again yesterday and really slammed the perch.  We kept over 80 with nothing under 8" and the bigger ones going 9"+ .   We thru back more then we kept. 


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