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Ice Fishing 101.3 -Ice Safety

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1. What type of ice is stronger?

a. New ice that formed during a “snow storm”.
b. New ice that formed during “high winds”.
c. New ice that was made during a “no wind” period.

2. New ice that was formed during a snow storm or wind creates what type of grain structure?

a. Small
b. Large

3. Pressure cracks are formed by what two factors?

4. Name three safety devices you should bring ice fishing?

5. Large open water holes can remain open for weeks in temps well below freezing. Name two causes of these holes?

First reply with 5 correct answers get their member status raised to the next level :'(


1-c 2-b 3-heat during the day and must be a large body of water(expansion)and contraction when freezing at night 4--ice picks, safety rope and cold water suit--5-gas bubbles or warm water

1c 2b 3.wind and water change 4.Rope ice picks andice cleats,5 Springs and air rising from bottom

1. c 2. b 3. a shifting of the ice, due to waves or wind. They move much like the plates of the earth when they move. 4. 50' of rope, ice picks, life preserver. 5. natural springs or current.

1. c
2. b
3. wind and current
4.rope, ice picks and life preserver or flotation device
5. wind and current


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