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While most of us wait for ice, I thought we could do some virtual ice fishing. :'(
Someone did something like this last year, I thought it was pretty kewl. I couldn't find the post,  and really can't remember for sure how it worked but here is my attempt.
Ice Fishing 101.2 Perch Search

This is a real lake that Big Pete and I have spent a lot of time on. Large schools of 9-12" perch are prolific in the lake but thats not what were after. If you work hard, you can run into schools of 14"+ JUmbo perch that you can hardly pull off the bottom. It's a somewhat weird lake, the perch are college educated, the super clear water makes them jumpy, 90% of the time they can be found within a certain depth 2-3 feet either way.
The names and locations have been change to protect the innocent.
Your Mission:

Describe what you would do to find and catch the elusive jumbo perch that roam Lake Perchusgiganticus.
I am looking for: Depths, locations, baits,  technique and equipment.
One entry allowed.

After 48 hours<---(changed to monday 8:00 am morning)  from the posting time above, the top 3 replies that Big Pete and I deem to be the best approach to finding and catching these elusive jumbo perch will win.[/font]

Lake Perchusgiganticus:
Acres: 230
Max Depth: 38
Species: Musky, Northern Pike, Walleye, Large Mouth Bass, Perch, Bluegill, Crappie
Bottom Makeup: Sand=Sd., Rubble=R, Boulders=B, Submergent Vegetation=T
Perch Primary Forage: Freshwater Shrimp
Water Clarity: Very Clear, Can see bottom at 20+ feet
click for larger map

The Prize:

1st: 3 jigs from my grab of assorted jigs, Team IceShanty Bumper Sticker, Member status raised to the next level.
2nd: A jig from my grab bag, Team IceShanty Bumper Sticker
3rd: 25 posts added to post count.

Good Luck and please put the JUMBOS back for me! ;)


Hopefully this won't count as my guess. You are,I assume, referring to catching through the ice. Not open water? Thanks.

I'll bite
I will start fishing in the narrows, center of lake.  I see a couple of humps there one at about 10' the other at about 15.  These humps seem to be surounded by 20 to 25 feet of h2o.  
Equip-Tip-ups However many are leagle on the lake? 3foot 4lbtest florocarbon leaders W/single short shank #6hooks
       -Good guality flasher unit
       -jig poles (once again leagle #)Assorted line (florocarbon) sizes from 4lb to 1lb
       - 12pk dark beer

I would set up a spread of tipups across all the depts of the narrows.  6" to 1' off the bottom.  I do not belive that these perch get to be 14" pluse by eating FWshrimp alone, these are also piscivor(fish eaters).   So I would have indigenous bait fish on the hooks.

I would then drill a series of holes from the middle of my set up headed South East (heading for those other humps along the "culvert"(hard to read) area of the lake.
Jig pole #1- 4lb test line with a 1/4 oz Hogger spoon in brass and glow with a minnow head on it.  #2- 2lb test line with a small glow dot and a spike of mousie on it.  I would jig from the bottom up using my flasher to adjust my depth to the fish.  I would continue to try different color combinations and sizes (looking for what the fish want.  
If I get a hot hole with the tipups I will jig that and look for other areas with that depth.  If I do not find the fish here.  I will slowly start to move my setup to the south east onto the shallower humps.  If that dosent work I will swing to the north trying deeper and deeper depths untill the fish are found.


One Question.  Are we fishing early, mid, or late season?


Ice! now go stand in the corner. ;D

--- Quote from: eyedoktr on Nov 20, 2003, 08:01 AM ---Hopefully this won't count as my guess. You are,I assume, referring to catching through the ice. Not open water? Thanks.

--- End quote ---

From the time it caps with ice, until you can't walk on it, the pattern basically stays the same.

--- Quote from: Trevor on Nov 20, 2003, 08:32 AM ---Scott,

One Question.  Are we fishing early, mid, or late season?


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