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I am on a hot bluegill bite. Found a school of slab gills in a bay that is bowl shaped in depth, around 11 feet deep. There slight depression that was around 13 feet deep, no bigger than 8’x8’. I had four holes were you could catch fish, two hot ones and two backups. The fish hung there for 3 weeks so I had time to really get a pattern nailed down.

My youngest bro, who back then was just getting into fishing, was out with me. I set him on the two backup holes. We are pretty competitive when it come to fishing, so the only info I gave him was about the two good holes. He didn’t catch much that day, bro-2 fish me-limit. Next time out, I helped him out a tad bit. I told him “take off the 4lb test and put on some of this 2lb”, “get rid of the huge jig and put on this one”, “hook your bait like this on this hook”. I did everything but give him my pole and holes. He did a tiny bit better. Bro-6 fish me-limit.

Next time out he’s getting a little upset with me, to say the least. I had him sit with me in my portable and let him sit in the hottest hole. I’m nailing them, he still can’t get a bite? I gave him my pole. Still nothing, while I’m just pullin slabs and laughing.


What was the problem?


1st one to reply with the correct answer gets: Member status raised to the next level :'(


Gonna have to give it to Icehunter!
He hit on it first. It was all in the jigging action.

When this was happening, I couldn't figure it out for awhile. Cuz the equipment was the same. But then I remembered something that Big Jack had said to me "Your putting the package together." I was missing a piece of the package. There was only one thing left, jigging action, the action he put on the jig. He was shaking it, but not like I was. Never even thinking about it I had perfected a shake that made the bluegill bite. I told the bro to mimic my jigging actions, low and behold, BAM! After hal a dozen quick bites you should have seen his eyes light up, like he discovered the secret to life.
Well the bro starts catching them better than I was for cripes sake >:( So I kicked him out of my shack!  ;)

--- Quote from: Icehunter on Nov 14, 2003, 08:42 AM ---Presentation,

If you have been fishing the holes on a consistent pattern you are either:

A) holding the bait very still so that the fish are not spooked which can occationally happen, or.

B) A consistent slight wiggle to the presentation so that the fish are reacting to the bait.

One other option that I just thought of is that you are making sure that the point of the hook is covered with bait so that the fish are not feeling the hook prior to committing to the bait.

Just my thoughts.


--- End quote ---

I'll give the others who got it a bonus 50 posts added to their post count.

Schools out for today :'(


Presentation or he was'nt holding his mouth right  :D

He didn't have a Vex.

ya beat me to the post!!

Did he wash his hands before fishing??
 I got a buddy who is always tinkering/cobbeling on his equipment (wheeler, auger) then wonders why he gets out fished.

Petro products on hands.

Has to be subleties of presentation. My brother & I were out once & he out fished me 3 to 1 & we used the same set up & fished 5 feet apart.


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