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Well today was it for me. Beautiful last weekend out. Great March ice conditions at my spot. As usual, Rainbows were fiesty at last ice, love it. My buddy took 2 yesterday that went 4.5 and 5.
Today was my turn. Took a beautiful male that went 5.9 lbs , 24 3/4 " . Great end to a weird hit or miss season for me. Time just wasn't on my side, tending to kids sports and other family stuff.
All in all, grateful to stay on top for another season. Got some great cusk trips in this year, which I haven't really been able to do for quite some time.
Once again, my highlight is always getting to spend some time on ice with my boy. It's getting harder and harder as he approaches teenager, competing with sports and girls. But we enjoyed a handful of times out.
I enjoyed having the pleasure fishing with some of you again this season too. Hope we can continue next season.
Quad and all gear is already put away this afternoon. I'm ready for the next chapter. Spring gobbler season will be here soon, I've already started my weekly action shooting competition season, the Harley is ready to go for riding season, and I continue to scout the deer woods and tweek setups in prep for September.
Cheers everyone. Signing off for the season!!

Great looking bows... nice way to end the season for sure.


It's not how you start it's how you finish... nice wrap on a very strange season...

good luck with the gobblers..

Nice way to end the season !!

Those are some nice bows! Good job


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