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Anyone ever fish Alligator off Rt 9? Pretty strict regulations, but I'd like to give it a shot. What's access like?

Sled only.

Fished it years ago, itís been a declining fishery for some time due to access issues.

Access in the winter is dependent on timber harvesting activities and whether or not they plow the road.  They have not been plowing this year.  Access is at the boat landing on the southeast end of the lake. 

As noted, fishing has been declining in recent years.  Plenty of yellow perch though. 

Fin Reaper:
     Haven't fished it since they changed the regulations.  Use to be "football" salmon in there up until 10 years ago.  Not sure what's going on in this body of water.  Probably the same as all the rest. 
     As a side note:  If your from the old town/Milford/Amherst area there is a book called "Munsungun To The Sea".  It is about the wood cutting operations late 1800's into the 1900's.  There's a section of two guys catching huge landlock Salmon out of Nicatous Lake (a bit north of Alligator).  I have a camp on Eagle Lake (Deer Lake area), grew up in the area and I was able to find some of the remnants of man Made dams on Big Gaugus Stream and Partridge Brook.  The book ($$$) is rare so I found a buddy who had one and I made a copy.
     Happy fishing!

Thanks for all the input, I've heard a few mixed reviews and wanted to see what other people thought. As long as Studmill Road is open, I'm going to go fish it with a buddy. Hopefully we can get into some brookies or salmon. I fish out of Hermon, so it's not a terrible drive. I've been tempted to try Nicatous and Great ponds, maybe a future trip.


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