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First roach report


Anybody been up slaying first roach, used to fish it open water as a kid but haven't been up since they opened it up to the hardwater animals  :tipup:          love to see a few pics

 @)I don't think its open to Hard water fishing!!

I guess I miss understood, or maybe it was a trial run a couple years ago that the state tried out :tipup:

It was only open for 2 seasons then the people that live/own were complaining because of all the fishermen. Worried about break it's and noise. Kinda like they want it a private lake. This was at the boat ramp. 3 feet of water. We caught 25 or 30 in about 3 hours between 3 of us. Second year they had it open for hardwaters. That place is an amazing hardwaters fishery. I'll bet money there's a few state record togue in there.

WOW, that's sucks, glad you got a chance to fish it while ya could, figured it wouldn't last long. Thanks for the report. Hopefully we get another chance to icefish it but I won't hold my breath :tipup:


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