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Pike fishing with smelt and a hotdog.



Really cool video. We fish for pike with tip-ups here in Nebraska with smelt. This explains why a lot of times where the flag goes off but the bait is just lying straight down below the hole. Thanks for sharing.  :tipup:

Those fish have been caught before.  The behavior tells the story.  That is one of my biggest pet peeves with catch and release fishing, because the fish learn not to be caught and it makes it that much harder for people to catch fish for dinner.  Fish are smart.  Crazy smart.  People say "it's just a fish", but its not.  I have had pet fish that would get all excited and start jumping and splashing when I would get home because they wanted a scratch and a treat, just like a dog.  We had a big red bellied paku that we named burger.  He ate all his tank mates, including the sharks.  Look 'em up.  He was like a puppy dog and loved getting petted.

i cant agree that "fish are smart".  they dont have the ability to reason.  yes they can become conditioned.  science has shown that bass will avoid rattlebaits in ponds after being caught several times.  even that will fade away in their very short term memory.  i have had fish in tanks get all riled up when approached also.  its just a learned behavior in a confined environment. i believe, the fish in the vid., were just not in a feeding mood.

cool video though.


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