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Treble stuck in my face!!

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Kind of a freak thing happened this morning. I work in rathdrum and I got off at 6 am. I got a wild hair to go check the thickness at hauser on my way home. I pulled up to the launch and went to get my auger. When I pulled my sled I had a loose pole that had a spoon with a treble hook on it. The rod tip got stuck on my bed cover as I slid the sled and it loaded up. When it broke free it sent the rod tip/ spoon flying into my face. Buried one of the hooks about 1” below my eye. I headed back to work to give the guys some entertainment and have them cut the spoon off so I didn’t look like I had some strange new piercing pulling down on my lower eyelid. Went to the hospital where they tried to back it out with no luck. They made a small incision to the barb and pulled it out. Be careful out there. Strange things happen. I will start organizing my gear a little better to prevent it from happening again.

Boy you were lucky.

Yes you were lucky.  Wish you had dodged it altogether, but very lucky it wasn't any worse then it was.

did same thing but in my eye lid.  sucks when you cant see to get it out eh. lol

We’ll how thick’s the ice ??????

But glad you missed you eye!


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