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Items for First Aid

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Most important thing is toilet paper amd at least an 8 inch auger. 6 inch or smaller makes it hard to aim into the hole. Lol.

Nothing, However I do know basic first AID. First responder's carry what is needed, if it ever goes that far sideways.. Maybe some prayers!

I always keep a tin of zippo fluid and a spare set of clothes. I got soaked once and nearly froze. Lucky for me I wasn't alone. I got so cold my brain stopped working, and it's not the best when it does work. But I remember going from panic mode trying to get back to the house to just thinking I'll curl up in a ball till I warm up. Lucky my friend knew I was not thinking right and basically dragged me under a bridge. Used his sweater to start a fire and get drift wood and sticks from the bank to warm me up. As soon as I got warm enough to think again I could hear the sirens. Somebody called the cops because all the smoke coming out from under the bridge. I think I would have died had I been alone. So fire is my most important thing I bring everywhere. I would never stich anybody in an emergency situation. Takes too much time to thread a needle and stitched you up. I've got a staple gun I ordered off a veterinary website. Pinch the skin and staple it. So much faster and easier than trying to hold still and slowly sew somebody in pain. By the time you hear the click and feel the pain the staple is in. You can flinch, scream, or jump around all you want between staples and if I had to do it to myself it wouldn't be anywhere near as impossible as traditional stitches. I could put in a few staples and add some liquid skin faster than I could thread a needle. It's almost impossible for me to even tie on a jig with the old eyes sometimes. Emergency situation in the wind and snow with a spike of adrenaline and you'd bleed to death before I ever got to stitching you. Buy the staple gun for like $20.

couple bandaids in my wallet

Latex gloves
Wet Ones, antibiotic, bandaids (boo boo kit)

gauze pads
roller gauze
rolled wire split
tongue depressor
safety pins
duct tape
all kept in a ziploc bag...

Also I have a small but more extensive first aid kit in truck.


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