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--- Quote from: caldwellite on Dec 16, 2021, 10:15 PM ---Wild Horse went off the radar for a few years. About three years ago I saw a few people ice fishing it again. I called Nevada Fish and Game, and after a lot of tries I got a Biologist in Elko that had worked on Wild Horse. The Res has both large Trout and Perch. F&G believes they now know how to manage for a good large Perch fishery. I got zip info out of Duck Valley Res. Covid really shut down most Motels and stores down there, a trip may be necessary to find info sources.

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There's no motels down there.

I used to travel down to wild horse every year to ice fish for perch, we averaged about a hundred a day , then nevada fish and game decided perch were a bad thing and intraduces wipers to eradicate them, it worked and no perch, no perch no business, in the winter so dunn's closed there lodgeing, I talked to a fish and game person about their lack of wisdom useing cascade as an example of the importance of perch to a winter economy, It cost cascade a million dollars a year in revenue when the perch fishery collasped. maybe they wised up and are recovering the perch fishery, I don't no much about it any more because I live in north idaho now and probably will not travel that far to fish, but you ever  do go, there is an awsome basque resaurant out the back door accros the street from stockmans casino in elko, I mean it,s the best basque food I ever ate in my life and if it's still there would be worth the trip

The Nevada Dinner house... it's been like 25 years since I lived near Elko, and I still remember that place  ;D Do they still bring out soup and salad and bread and pasta before your main course?


--- Quote from: meandcuznalfy on Dec 18, 2021, 12:00 AM ---There's no motels down there.
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But the State Park has cabins to rent for $90/$95 a night.   ;D

Those must be new, wasn't any there when I was down there.


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