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I have fished Wild Horse Res., in Nevada many times over the last 25 years or so. We stayed at Dunn's when it was up and running. We did real good on Perch and a few big Trout, but over the last several years I have not gone to Nevada. Dennis Dunn sold out and the new owners closed down their motel (If you can call it that) but kept the RV park open. The Perch Fishery pretty much died out over the years. Nevada does not have an Ice Shanty Forum Site so it is hard to communicate with our Brothers and Sisters across the Border. I live in Meridian ID, and the drive is about three hours. It would be nice if we had contact information or someone that can post on the conditions and places to stay besides Mountain City. I heard the Perch have made a great recovery and even heard reports of some Jumbos being pulled up thru the ice. It was always a great Hard Water Fishery over the Years Past! Any help would be appreciated. Good Fish'n, Kozin Kenny.

Good Info. Thx!

I'd call Nevada fish and game, that reservoir serves the reservation and they ain't shy about pulling water, with the dry year this year it might not be fishable.

Wild Horse went off the radar for a few years. About three years ago I saw a few people ice fishing it again. I called Nevada Fish and Game, and after a lot of tries I got a Biologist in Elko that had worked on Wild Horse. The Res has both large Trout and Perch. F&G believes they now know how to manage for a good large Perch fishery. I got zip info out of Duck Valley Res. Covid really shut down most Motels and stores down there, a trip may be necessary to find info sources.

I'm willing to make the trip and check out places to stay and places to play (Ice Fish). I just don't want another wasted trip and out of state license fee. I used to be in contact with the State Park they were a good source of info but not avid Ice Fisherman.


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