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Its still early for ice in most places in idaho but I am starting to plan my ice fishing road trip for January.  I will be taking 10 days to drive from the panhandle with my final destination Flaming Gorge for the burbot bash.  Along the way I plan to fish a few lakes with the first being cascade for at least a few days.  After cascade I was looking into a few places like American falls.  Anyone got any recommendations on lakes I should stop along the way?  I would love too target some walleye but after some quick research I didn't see any walleye lakes that came up.  Thanks for any tips or insight on destinations and hope to be on the ice soon!

I been looking at Wild Horse Res. in Nevada. On the way to or from Cascade-

We fished Wild Horse a few times when I lived in NV. The ice was always wildly variable thickness.

South Fork usually had more consistent ice, but it doesn't always freeze over.

I'll be headed to flaming gorge this year for the burbot bash.  My first time to go there.  I'm planning on a few trips this ice season to places I've never been.  I can feel your excitement for an ice fishing road trip.

Looking more into lakes that freeze pretty solid.  Ill have my buggy with me (not that I need to use it) but I will also be camping out on the ice at these locations so I want to make sure I have some good ice.  Be my first year ding the ice camping thing.  Bear lake looks like it might be a nice option, Any insight there?


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