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I dont know what kind of fish you really want to catch... If your looking to catch a nice Rainbow Trout your in luck i know just the thing to dooo... First try this find a nice spot that has a nice sandy shore.. chances are the bottom is the same. ok now find a spot that you can fish with maybe 4 or 5 feet of water.... look down the hole.. if you can see the bottom thats good hopefully its nice and sandy.. If you can do this by a stream mouth its even better. Dont fish right in the middle but off to the side where the current isnt strong. use a really light line 4 or 6 pound test mono. use a relly small sinker a little smaller than a pee. put the sinker about 8 inches from your hook use a size 12 hook. use either a small shiner or smelt for bait....if you have no luck use pink samon eggs.. place 2 or 3 on the bottom then 2 or 3 to fill your hook fish 5 inches off the bottom.. i hope you have luck...  OK to answer  your question.. i think this is the answer... if in shallow water fish like i said. if in deep fish 5 to 12 feet down.. well i hope i helped you out but im not sure ....... good luck my friend ::) :'(

I guess it is what has worked for me.

Lake Trout- I have caught right off the bottom and also 20-30' of water.

Rainbows- generally 6-10' under the ice

Browns- All over the place.

A lot also has to do with the body of water and its depths.  Know the fishery you are in and it will help a great deal.  Also try new things!

Not sure if that helps.

What kind of fish finder/depth finder did you get ??? I just purchased the Vexilar 8slt last year and it is really kicking ass for me :o I've been nailing every bite I get cause the finder works so well you can see almost right when the fish hits :D I love my fish finder ::)

I prefer to fish for trout a few yards from shore at a lake there can be problems because larger lakes where theres trout muskies or northerns will want to feed off on them.


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